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Thank you for taking the time and interest in getting on our overhire list or becoming a full  fledged Member of IATSE Local #195.  As you may know, IATSE are THE union of professionals behind the scenes of the entertainment industry.  Our members form the backbone of nearly every movie, television and stage production you can imagine.  We are the men and women who ensure "the show must go on!" If you'd like to learn more about what the IATSE does click on this link to check out our International's Website.

Being a member of IATSE means you are part of a team, a family and a force that looks out for the benefit of all. As individuals we can only do so much, but as a union we are stronger and better equipped. Unions are the reason we have weekends, 8 hour days, benefits, higher wages, job training and education. If being a part of any of this sounds good to you, whether it be on our overhire list or as a cardholding member, please feel free to click the links below.

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