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Please be aware that there are some costs associated with joining our membership. Remember, you are not applying to be hired on as an employee as much as you are asking to join an organization that is dedicated to training and finding opportunities to work within the entertainment craft and trade. No payments are due until you decide to submit an application.


The application process requires:

  • $100 - Application fee (non-refundable sent to the international)

  • $200 - Initiation fee (refundable if you are denied membership)

  • First Quarters Dues (refundable if you are denied membership)

    • Call Us to Inquire about Quarterly Dues​

  • A letter of recommendation by an IATSE member or Live Event Professional.

  • A Short Resume.

  • Copy of Current Driver's License

Feel free to email us with inquiries about joining to our emails on the contact page.

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